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For many businesses, social media marketing means utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertising. But depending on your law firm’s business goals, those platforms may not always be the best choice. LinkedIn is considered a professional networking platform, but the platform also offers several unique advantages over other social networks worth considering in your digital marketing strategy.

Professional Drive Social Media Platform

LinkedIn is a social platform that is uniquely designed for professionals, which in turn means that users on this platform actively engage with content that matches their level of professional interests. LinkedIn users are career-driven and understand the importance of professionalism to meet life’s milestones, including legal advice. Utilizing advertising on LinkedIn means your law firm has the potential to reach a target audience that is more likely to be in the market for legal services. Engaging with this type of professional user on LinkedIn positions your law firm as a reliable authority and leads prospects to being receptive to your overall marketing message.

Accurate Audience Targeting

An eminent benefit of LinkedIn advertising comes from the platform’s advanced targeting options. When launching an ad campaign, your firm can get extremely specific with the audience you wish to target. This niche targeting level allows your law firm to narrow your audience down to the people that matter.

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Special Types of Advertising

video advertising

Another notable benefit of LinkedIn advertising comes from its advertisement options. When law firms advertise on LinkedIn, the firm has the option to use text, image, and video. Facebook does this too, right? Yes, but the level of customization to your LinkedIn advertisement surpasses the capabilities of Facebook.

Every ad type on LinkedIn offers different benefits; reviewing the different types of ads can help you decide which ad type is best for meeting your advertising goals. Another advantage of LinkedIn advertising also allows your firm to update your campaign to a different ad type at any time.

LinkedIn advertising also offers a more personalized approach to business. Your firm can customize an ad to a specific LinkedIn member by showing the user’s photo, company name, and title in the advertisement. LinkedIn also offers sponsored InMail, which can be a great way to push a personalized message to your firm’s target audience.  Using this InMail feature, a firm can share a message directly to a user’s inbox. These email-like messages can have a high open and click-through rate compared to a traditional email campaign.

Social Media Marketing Checklist for Your Law Firm 

Lead Acceleration

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is another unique feature of LinkedIn advertising. This feature allows your firm to deliver high-quality leads to your team by engaging prospects anywhere online with relevant ads and content. This tool’s main objective is to serve only relevant content and ads to high-value segments anywhere online and optimize your message over time.

LinkedIn offers dozens of benefits when advertising your law firm, from direct targeting to multiple ad formats to accurate audience data. LinkedIn is a smaller social media platform. A law firm wishing to reach specific leads provides a degree of targeting and accuracy that other platforms can’t match.

Having a LinkedIn presence provides your law firm with many opportunities to engage potential clients. Contact Law As a Business (LAB) today and we can discuss how we can help your firm reach your marketing goal with a social media advertising strategy that works.

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Gaining New Clients Through Digital Advertising

In an increasingly competitive and noisy digital landscape, effective strategies are essential to get beyond your existing audience to reach new potential clients. Digital advertising is one of the best ways to get your message out—to share information, support the decision making process, and attract clients.