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5 Ways Blog Posts Boost Your Business

Blogging can be a very effective method for growing your online presence. Twenty years ago, blogs were loved by individuals looking for a digital form of self-expression. They have since evolved into a strategic element of a content marketing plan. Blogs have the potential to strengthen your law firm and expand your client reach. Blogs can be a powerful tool for your business; some key benefits include search engine optimization, driving traffic, establishing credibility, generating new leads, and creating shareable content. 

  1. Boost Your SEO
    Having high ranking SEO, or search engine optimization, boosts your online visibility. Your blogs are a key factor in helping your business appears on a search engine. Search engines thrive on new, relevant content, so posting blogs can improve your firm’s search result. The more blogs you have on your website, the more content a search engine has to crawl and index your website. Every time a blog is posted it’s one more opportunity for you to appear in search results. ↠ Free SEO Webinar August 6. Register now!
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Website
    A byproduct of blogs improving your SEO is that they can then drive traffic to your website through people finding your blogs in search results. Blogs continuously help you gain relevant exposure to your website. Your blog provides free, useful information that a potential client can discover independently.  This content creates a path for your target audience to land on your website and over time become a possible client.
  3. Establish Your Credibility
    No matter your business size, blogs are a way for your firm to build trust and establish thought leadership in your industry. Providing people with content that is valuable and informative demonstrates your credibility. If prospects discover answers to their general legal questions from your blog post, they’re more likely to trust your business and reference your law firm for their legal needs.
  4. Connect to New Leads
    Blogs provide the opportunity to connect with potential clients. Your website naturally creates an avenue for client engagement. Blogs engage new website visitors with content relevant to their legal needs. Providing a variety of blog content with a strong call to action creates an opportunity to generate new leads for your firm.
  5. Create Shareable Content
    Blog posts create an opportunity for other online users to share your blog with their network. Sharable content creates the potential for more organic traffic. Today’s online community is booming with so many different shareable platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or email. A blog reader can share the web link in a post, tweet, or email it to a friend in need of specific law services, truly growing your network. They can also link to your content on their own website, using your content to enhance their own thought leadership. This type of organic reach is free marketing that begins with a blog post.

Digital marketing can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re introducing your law practice to a new audience. The implementation of an online strategy with digital marketing tactics is key to bringing your business to the next level.

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