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5 Marketing Trends Your Law Firm Should Use in 2022

A new year brings changes to the legal industry with new marketing trends to get the best return on your investment. As your law firm positions itself to succeed, leveraging marketing trends will help your firm become efficient, productive, and competitive in 2022.

Here are the top five marketing trends your law firm should implement in the new year.

Develop a Sustainable Integrated Marketing Strategy 

1. Optimized Website

Is your firm’s website performing at its best? Web optimization is any web element that helps your firm’s website get noticed by search engines. This optimizing starts with content that appeals to automated search engines crawl your website for relevant keywords in your content.

If your website is not optimized or is out-of-date, visitors may “bounce” or leave, losing you the opportunity to connect with a new client. Your law firm can utilize many techniques to optimize your law firm’s website. Some techniques your firm can use to optimize your website include SEO keyword research, responsive design, quality content, blogging, faster page loading speed, and backlinking on your website.

2. Video Content

Users are continually engaging with content, and video content is a vital marketing trend your law firm should consider in the new year. Short-form videos and webinars allow your law firm to educate and show authority in a practice area. Videos also can be a visual representation of your brand and build your firm’s brand awareness. Your law firm can utilize video for many different marketing strategies.

For example, video content can be used in digital advertising campaigns, embedded in email campaigns, or used as a downloadable asset on your website. According to Hubspot, 64% of businesses said videos on their Facebook resulted in a new client in the last 12 months.

3. In-Person Events

Face-to-face time with potential clients is an irreplaceable way to build a more robust client relationship. Engaging with your community and offering sound legal advice during an in-person event is key to gaining trust with leads and turning your attendees into your new client.

Referrals from fellow attorneys or advisors are always vital to any law firm’s business development and growth. So, figuring out how to build referral relationships with other attorneys through in-person events is also a worthwhile investment for your law firm.

4. Paid Advertising

Today, people of all ages are being served digital ads on many platforms. The ability to advertise digitally to reach a higher volume of leads can create a tremendous return for a law firm. Once your law firm has established a robust online presence, leveraging digital advertising is a solid next step for your business.

For example, your firm can utilize digital advertising tactics such as paid search or paid social media to reach a target audience. When your law firm targets the right people, your content will more likely connect with qualified leads. The more exposure users have to your law firm’s brand message online through paid efforts, the more likely they are to believe in your business’s ability to meet their legal needs.

5. Marketing Budget

Your marketing budget is an essential component of a strong business plan. How much do you need to invest in your law firm’s marketing efforts? Have you determined your goals and what the cost may be? Once you’ve outlined a baseline, you’ll be able to figure out your overall law firm marketing budget. Once you’ve created your budget, it’s crucial to stay within its limits. In the end, getting more cases won’t help your firm grow if you’re not watching the bottom line.

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